If you live in Cordova, then you might want to keep up with the news going on in the area. However, what kind of news to do you want to pay attention to? That goes a long way in determining just what kind of news source you might choose to follow while you live in this unofficial city.

Are you just looking to keep up with general news about Cordova and the area? The local mass media is dominated by the nearby city of Memphis, which has already annexed and swallowed up some of what is known as Cordova. The many television stations of the city have news broadcasts and updates on a regular basis, typically in the evenings and mornings. There are also newspapers and radio stations that have news reports regularly, and sometimes around the clock. Many of these outlets also have online sites with even more content.

Through these, you can keep up with the headlines, such as sports, weather, politics, crime, local government, and the like. It’s enough to keep your finger on the pulse of the area and make small talk or keep up with conversations when local matters come up.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for news updates in a specific area of the community, you might need a more niche source, such as a newsletter, weekly paper, website, or even a social media group or YouTube channel. That might be something that zooms and focuses purely on dedicated matters ranging from area spirituality, the local yoga community and events, high school sports, or just the area school system in general. Should any of these areas play a big part in your day to day life, then keeping up with them is critical to a successful week.